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Our Advanced Approach

Everyone is different. We tailor our approach to fit the individual... One of the most common questions people ask when they call our office is, "What kind of adjusting does Dr. Davison do?" The answer is that he combines 25 years of continuous education and tailors his many techniques to the individual's needs. On each visit he addresses not just the vertebral joint, but also the underlying tissues of the spinal column, and finally the muscles of the joint, manipulating each layer with many skilled crafts that have developed within the chiropractic, osteopathic and physical therapy domains.

We figure out the source of your problem...It is our aim to get to the root cause of what is troubling you. All healthcare providers have a "mode of entry". Your medical doctor will most often use a drug, the surgeon the knife, the acupuncturist, the needle, and so on. As with other chiropractors, our principle "mode of entry" is adjusting the spine. What is special about our adjusting approach is that we adjust the spine in layers, at the level of the spinal cord, the joint itself, and finally the muscles surrounding the vertebrae. The result is the most complete release, and usually the gentlest release, of the vicious cycle of pain and spasm that is causing your pain, discomfort or malfunction.

We figure out which of your problems are the chicken, and which are the egg...Chiropractors often find that subluxations are the root cause of "dis-ease" in the body, but not always. We need to look at your history, symptoms, findings, and judge what the primary problem is. There may be non-spinal issues that are keeping your vertebrae subluxated. Subluxations can cause pain and dysfunction of many sorts, but it can work the other way around, as well. For example, what if you have chronic heartburn: is the problem from too much stomach acid, or is it from a subluxation? At times we may need to address issues such as your digestion with herbs and enzymes, in order to have your spine clear.

Good health requires a bit of sleuthing...Dr. Davison considers that part of his job is to be a detective. Once he identifies the source of your problem, he then uses a multi-layered approach to quickly and efficiently correct your problem in the most cost effective manner possible, and, if you need it, has assembled a skilled and intelligent team of massage therapists, an exercise therapist and a craniosacral therapist to make sure that your problem finds the help it needs for you to naturally heal.