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Miracles at Back In Action!


Headaches Treatment Testimonials

I have had headaches which lasted up to 18 days. They stopped me from doing everything. Since I started getting adjusted I have only had one headache. When I got this headache I came in to get adjusted and immediately some of the pain was gone. By the end of the day most of the pain was gone, the next morning all the pain was gone.
Tuck CL.
5 stars

Thank you for 3 months free of headaches! You know I had supreme resistance to all this adjustment stuff – but I am free of miserable headaches (and you cured my foot hurting from the bone spur, too.
Sara T.

I have been having bad headaches for the past 10 years since I was 5 years old when I had a fall. I came to your office a few weeks ago and now am completely cured from those daily headaches.
Rodrigo N.

I haven't had those headaches pressing on top of my head and on the back of my neck since I started coming here – thank you for your kindness and your continuous healing.
Karen W.

Low Back Testimonials

When I came to you doubled over from the herniated discs in my lower back, I couldn't imagine ever getting better. Your strong encouragement to get early treatment and the fine treatment you provided me were remarkably effective in relieving my pain and getting back active. No surgery and injections! And thank you also for relieving my son's migraines.

Dan L.
5 stars

I haven't felt so good since I was a child. My posture has been restored and my debilitating low back pain has healed. A profound change in my health has happened.

George R.
5 stars

Neck Related Treatment Testimonials

I owe you a great debt! When I came to you in 1990 I suffered from considerable pain in my upper shoulder and neck. Now, with routine care, I remain much improved. Thank you for your kindness, personal attention and healing touch!
Allan S.

Dr. Feldman gave me a neck traction unit to hang on a strong door and help restore the curvature of my neck. It has become a good friend! After a morning shower, 30 seconds of relaxation gets me in the right stance to enjoy the day. After only a month I feel much better. Results have been very positive, both short term and long term. If only all of life's problems had such simple solutions!

Steve M.
5 stars

Overall Health Testimonials

When I came in for a physical problem imagine my surprise when the psychological results were as dramatic as the other! Life seemed more interesting overnight, and I suddenly had the attitude and energy to deal with it. This is something I've never experienced from a M.D. or a therapist. Thanks for your unique and caring treatment – I hope you will be a resource and a friend for me for a very long time.
Susan C.

I came in here in pain – physical and emotional - and you helped me to heal. The biggest miracle is not that I am now pain free most of the time, but that my entire life and attitude toward health has changed. I look forward to becoming a chiropractor myself. You are effective, caring, honest and loving.
Mary E.
5 stars

When I first came here I had lots of problems; exhausted, digestive problems, eye problems, headaches, etc. In just a few months I was almost completely cured of all symptoms I was experiencing. Chiropractic is an amazing healing method and Dr. Feldman cares about all the fine details of a person's healing.
Jessica T.

I'm not sure if the greater miracle is being listened to and being heard, or being on the "Road to Recovery, Healing and Strength". Now I have a clear, active mind due to the healings taking place in my entire skeletal, muscular emotional frame. What a joy! What a gift!
Cathryn C.
5 stars

Nutrition Testimonials

I now wake up in fabulous moods, my body no longer aches, and I can wear any kinds of lotions and I do not break out in rashes since taking the enzymes you gave me. I love my new body now.
Susan K.

I just have to say THANK YOU! Being a dancer I just assumed that my body would always be in some kind of pain. Coming to Dr. Feldman has helped me tune into my body and find simple things to keep my alignment and nutritional intake in check. My dancing has also improved in that I can take a more relaxed and calm approach to how my body can move. Thank you Dr. Feldman and Back in Action. . . I always leave here wanting to SING!!!
Erica H.

5 stars

Mil gracias for the allergy drops and Allergy Plus. I feel like a new person. I take the drops in the morning and it's made all of the difference. I am no longer miserable in the morning. You are a wonder worker. Thanks a million.
Michael P.

Exercise Health Testimonials

Many thanks for suggesting the foam roll device to assist in improving my posture. It has been a tremendous help to my well-being! With a little work on my part, miracles do really happen . . .
Kirk K.

Digestion Testimonials

Not only does the doctor help me when I throw my back out but I also told him about my constipation problem and to my amazement he snapped by back and "presto" it went away.
Roger B.

Shoulder Treatment Testimonials

I was skeptical about chiropractic to treat my "frozen shoulder" but I made an appointment and voila my arm is almost perfect and getting better everyday. The impossibly injured right knee is also greatly improved. I can hardly believe it! I'm spreading the news to other dancers.
Aston-Marie G.
5 stars

Several years ago my shoulder on the left side became so painful I could no longer sleep on that side. But sleeping on my right wasn't much better. I went to traditional physical therapy offered through my traditional insurance. I went through 2 series of treatments 12 weeks each with NO improvement. Then I tried 3 different chiropractors with no real improvement. My condition was getting worse. I could not reach up to get my shoulder harness in the car w/o setting off a pain that ran down my arm. My palm would itch w/o relief. Then I was told about Dr. Feldman. He didn't insist on X-Rays – he looked at my old ones. He put his whole staff on my case. That did release work, network and myofacial release work – physical therapy as well as chiropractic adjustments. Well, after 12 weeks of working with Dr. Feldman and his staff – I could sleep on both sides – my palm didn't itch I was a happy camper. My arthritic symptoms in the left side are minimal – yea! He listens, he explains – he's a real person wanting to have a real relationship with real people. This makes him a real healer.
Allison E.

Hips Testimonials

Your care for my health has improved my well being. By balancing out my hips and back I can digest food without discomfort. I have also noticed quite a change in my stride when walking and my posture. I believe now in your work whereas before, I came here I was skeptical.
Wally L.

Pregnancy & Pediatrics Testimonials

Thank you for making my pregnancy free of back pain. "Mommy, I hope I hurt my neck again. I like coming here!
Katherine L, age 4 1/2

Colic Testimonials

My son has been seen here 3 times for his colic. After CranioSacral therapy, he has show improvement and he smiles more. When you have a colicky baby you sometimes wonder, will I ever see a happy baby? Now with therapy and age I see smiles all the time.
Dawn and Sonik

Sports Injuries

I'm really happy that you fixed my back after I messed it up so much at the tournament. Kung Fu fighting is dangerous and thanks to you I continue training. Also, thanks for the gunk you put on my finger to make it feel better so I could do my English final.
Liza C., age 13

Ear Infection Testimonials

This is my first cold and I did not get an ear infection thanks to Dr. Feldman.
Niall D. – age 12

When I was little, the only solution to getting rid of ear infections was taking antibiotics or having surgery, which are both proven ineffective and have many risks. Chiropractic is a natural, painless solution to ear infections. It helps the cause of ear infections and I also don't have to worry about the bad side effects of antibiotics.
T. Reed


I have had ear trouble for about 27 years including not being able to hear certain sounds, causing partial deafness and sometimes making it impossible to understand what was being said to me or words to music, etc. After 3 months of chiropractic adjustments and CranioSacral therapy, suddenly one evening my ear popped and I could hear clearly. I thank God for all the wonderful people at Back in Action who were hands for the Lord in making this miracle happen.
Mary M.
5 stars

Jaw Related Treatment Testimonials

I wanted to thank Dr. Feldman and his bodyworker staff for their special kindness and care. My left jaw is feeling so much less pain and I've learned to relax my body which helps it to stay in balance and heal. Also, reading about chronic fatigues (while in the office) has tremendously helped my energy and stamina simply by adding certain foods to my diet. Thanks to all of you, especially to the office staff for your kindness.
Chara C.
5 stars

Arms and Legs Testimonials

When I came into the office 11/2 months ago, I was in pain, depressed and grumpy. I had sprained my ankle 4 months earlier and I was being treated by another chiropractor. But my ankle had not improved and was getting worse. I got tired of groping around on the floor and I finally decided to see Dr. Feldman. The initial adjustment made my ankle feel so much better. I was able to walk (reasonably) out of the office. It was at this point that I asked Dr. Feldman to treat my tennis elbow also. To make a long story short, I am now walking and doing low impact aerobics which I did not think possible 2 months ago. My arms are also doing well (thanks for asking). I am on my way to a happier life.
Cathy P.

I didn't stretch properly before and after a workout one evening. When I go out of bed the next morning, my leg gave out beneath me. I had never felt such pain in my leg before. I limped into this office, preferring to hold on to the walls. I had to fight back tears at times because the pain was so intense. I knew Dr. Feldman could help me but I still expected to be in discomfort for a couple of days, as Dr. Feldman also predicted. But he found the exact root of the problem and I was back in action that afternoon!
5 stars

I always felt a pinch or crunch of sorts in my hip socket. It's been there all my life, that I can remember (I'm 43). For the first time, it was released by Dr. Feldman. It was as if that spot was an old, stuffy attic and his adjustment opened all the windows. And now there is fresh air, fresh energy! Thank you Dr. Feldman!

Kappe R.

Knee Related Treatment Testimonials

The lump in back of my knee (Baker's cyst) was adding to the problem of not being able to bend and straighten the joint. Dr. Feldman has a procedure to reduce this malady. It works! The torn cartilage in the knee is more bearable now that the other painful alignment problem is solved. The misalignment probably contributed to the torn meniscus in the first place. Should have had the knee adjusted a year ago and avoided the whole problem.
Robyn D.

Dizziness Treatment Testimonials

I have been struggling with dizziness for years. I have taken toxic medicine, but finally tried a new supplement from Dr. Feldman. Between Dr. Feldman and CranioSacral therapy from Susan Feldman, and the supplement I'm free from dizziness.
Patricia B.

Quotes By Patients:

Best DC office I've been to! No other doctors take appointments so quickly and stay on time.
5 stars

You have assembled a wonderful team of caring professionals. I really appreciate the integration you have achieved – you are quite a team.

Thank you for taking the time and having the patience to ask the proper questions and really dig into diagnosing my problem. . . . . Your approach is positive and proactive.
5 stars

You made a miracle for me today. For the first time after my treatment, I could sit down and not hurt. It has hurt me to sit or stand for so long that I was overwhelmed.
5 stars

Not only does my back feel better, but I've learned a lot about health in general from you.

People like you make the world a nicer place.

Your care has made a great difference in my life. It's great to be pain free.

I've got to tell you . . . this is the most attractive and pleasant office I have come into.

. . . . . Your hands are gold to me.
5 stars