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The Doctors

doctor Robert Davison

Dr. Robert A. Davison

Dr. Robert Davison graduated from Life Chiropractic College - West in 1987. He practiced in Spokane, Washington before returning to the East Bay to raise his family. Here he pursued an advanced certification in spinal trauma rehabilitation. He has had successful clinics in Pleasant Hill and Danville before taking a teaching post to oversee the clinic interns at his alma mater, Life-West. He now brings his considerable skills to Back in Action Chiropractic Center and is making plans to make Berkeley his home for himself and his family. He is married to Cynthia and has two lovely, lively children: Emma, age 15 and Lannis, age 13.

Personal Statement: I never cease to be amazed by the positive changes a chiropractic adjustment can bring to people's lives. Again and again I see the vital life force within an individual, as soon as it is given half a chance to flourish, take hold to bring balance, ease and ultimately a new perspective of health. It is almost like witnessing a rock getting lifted off a struggling plant when a patient's spine gets adjusted. There is infinite variety in the garden called humanity, and ultimately , we are all responsible for our own health, but I love "being the gardener": removing the rocks and figuring out the best soil for each individual.

Focus and Objective

To provide patients of all ages with focused, thorough and multifaceted care using my unique

Professional Profile

  • Over 30 years in practice focusing on treating patients of all ages and with all types of injuries and health challenges.
  • Advanced training in the care and treatment of soft tissue injuries that occur from a motor vehicle crash.
  • Part time clinic faculty at Life Chiropractic College-West 1999-2001
  • Full time clinic faculty at Life Chiropractic College-West 2009-2011
  • Mentor doctor to students at Life Chiropractic College-West
  • Chiropractic consultant to Eastern Washington University Athletic Department
  • Chiropractic consultant to Goodwill Games Athletes
  • Chiropractic consultant to 24 Hour Fitness Health Clubs
  • Former treating chiropractor for the CHAMPUS Chiropractic program for the Air Force


  • Pre-Chiropractic science curriculum, EASTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, Cheney, WA, 1981-1983

Post-Graduate Education

  • Certification in Chiropractic Spinal Trauma, C.C.S.T.
  • Spinal Rehabilitation
  • Orthotics Casting Certification

Dr. Ethan D. Feldman (Retired)


Selected in 2004 by San Francisco Magazine as the best practitioner for "aches and pains" in Berkeley, celebrates 20 years in practice in 2008. He graduated cum laude from Life Chiropractic College - West in Hayward, California, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance (Physical Education), with an emphasis on physical rehabilitation, from San Jose State University, and has decades of personal practice in the arts of dance (ballet, modern) and martial arts (fencing and Tai Chi Chuan). He credits this background as a source of kinetic wisdom from which he draws from and applies to the art and skill of chiropractic adjusting.

In addition to a general family, work and sports oriented practice, he regularly treats a number of local, as well as internationally touring dance companies and is the chiropractor of choice for Cal-Performances. He has authored Dear Dance Doctor, letters from dancers and answers to their questions, based on his years as a web site columnist. Publication expected in 2011. He also works with chiropractors to teach ways of effectively administering chiropractic adjustments with comfort to the patient and safety to the chiropractor (

He is a member of the California Chiropractic Association, the International Association of Dance Medicine, and the World Federation of Chiropractic. He is married to Susan, who practices craniosacral therapy at Back in Action and are blessed with two wonderful young adult children who are making their ways in the world.

Dr. Feldman's personal statement:

The human body is, in my mind, both the greatest mystery and greatest miracle mankind has ever known. It somehow gets far more things right than it does wrong, and allows us to live, love, and experience our existence for upwards of a century, yet nobody knows how we are, in fact, alive. We do not know what Life itself actually is, but we know that the body uses a language to describe the essence that is Life. That language is your nerve impulses. My job is to make sure that your Life Force can communicate intelligently and effectively to all parts of your body. The process is challenging, invigorating, and rewarding. I enjoy the process of unraveling the physical, biochemical, or nutritional blocks, puzzles and tangles that are keeping your body from achieving its full potential. It is a great joy to witness the intelligence of your life force unfold and your health restore as each mystery is solved and each knot untangles. I welcome the opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change for you and your body.


To treat patients with the highest quality care and attention using an interdisciplinary, comprehensive approach.

Professional Profile

  • 24 years in private practice; founder and director of BACK IN ACTION, a hands-on clinic specializing in comprehensive individualized care for spine, dance and sports related injuries.
  • Assesses and treats musculoskeletal conditions with attention paid to the multiple components of acute and chronic injuries — skeletal, fascial, neurological, muscular, ergonomic, biomechanical, stress-induced, and nutritional/biochemical.
  • Supervises clinic including 3 certified bodyworkers, a craniosacral therapist, and one certified exercise therapist. Utilizes the following procedures as appropriate: spinal and extremity osseous adjustments, low force adjustments, mobilization techniques, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation and exercise therapy.
  • Participates as frequent speaker and panelist to various business and professional associations on the following subjects: dance injury prevention, dance anatomy and kinesiology, chiropractic management of work-related injuries, and preventative health maintenance.
  • Fluent in Spanish


  • D.C. cum laude, LIFE CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE WEST, Hayward, CA, 1987
  • B.S. with distinction, Physical Education major, Adaptive Physical Education minor, SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY, San Jose, CA 1981
  • A.A., magna cum laude, DE ANZA COLLEGE, Cupertino, CA, 1978
  • 1976-79 Pacific Dance Center, Mountain View, CA (Now San Francisco Academy of Ballet, San Francisco)

Continuing Education Course Work

  • Instructor for other chiropractors on how to adjust safely and efficiently
  • Dance Injury Management
  • Leander & Cox Low Back Management
  • Sports Injury Management
  • Spinal Disability Evaluation
  • Musicians' Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Scientific Validation of Chiropractic
  • Cost Effective Management of Spinal Injuries
  • Foot Biomechanics and Orthotics Casting

Professional Affiliations

  • Founding Member, International Association of Dance Medicine Member,
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Member, California Chiropractic Association
  • Publications
  • Manuscript in process: Dear Dance Doctor: Questions and Answers to Keep You on Your Toes.
  • "Ask a Dance Medicine Expert". Dance medicine website,, question and answer format, current.
  • Common Questions MDs Ask About Chiropractic, self-published, October 1992.
  • "School Can Be a Pain in the Neck", The Daily Californian, September 1992.
  • "AHCPR Guidelines for Acute Low Back Pain: The Significance for Dancers", Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, letter to the editor scheduled for publication, winter 1997.


  • "How to Protect Our Bodies from Injuries During the Exercise of Our Profession" Mexico State University, Ecatepec Valley (delivered to Mexican chiropractic students, in Spanish) August 2012, March 2007
  • The Injury Free DC Seminar: chiropractic continuing ducation course for doctors who want to increase their adjustive skills while decreasing their risk of work-related injury: ongoing classes.
  • Backstage First Aid: Using Recipricol Inhibition to Balance Muscles and Relieve Spasm. International Dance Medicine Association Conference, San Francisco 2004
  • Using Herbs and Nutrition in Recovery from Female Athlete Triad Syndrome. International Association of Dance Medicine, New York 2002
  • Diet and Dancers: Panel Discussion, Not Just Any Body Conference on Dancer Health, Toronto, 2001
  • Ergonomic Chiropractic Adjusting, Life Chiropractic College West (to faculty clinicians), 1996
  • Demystifying Chiropractic: Its Role in the Management of Work-related Injuries, East Bay Occupational Environmental Health Grand Rounds, March 1994
  • Acute Low Back Pain Management — Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion, Chiropractic representative panelist at Alta Bates Hospital Medical Staff Ground Rounds, August 1995

Community Service

  • Mentor Doctor, Life Chiropractic College West, 1995-present
  • Volunteer Chiropractor and Chiropractic Referral Coordinator for East Bay battered women's shelters, 1995-present
  • Volunteer Chiropractor at the Suitcase Clinic, treating indigent and homeless patients, 1994
  • Volunteer Chiropractor at Over 60 Clinic, treating geriatric patients, 1993
  • Volunteer Physical Education Specialist at Canyon Elementary School; taught weekly P.E. classes for kindergarten to second grade students, 1993-1995
  • Founder and Co-chairman, Chiropractors for Social Responsibility, (CSR) at Life Chiropractic College West, 1984-1987